Saturday, August 4, 2012

KL 2020 Olympic Games : Official Sponsors Announced

p/s hahaha jahat btol :p

If the Olympic Games are held in KL in 2020 (read my earlier articlehere), the following will be the official sponsors and brands :

Official Song Writer          : Rais Yatim
Official Music Composer   : Rais Yatim
Official Singer                   : Rais Yatim
Official Logo Designer       : Rais Yatim
Official Song                      : Janji Pingat Didapati
Official Mascot                  : undecided (choice between Orang Utan and Rais Yatim)
Official Event Name          : Olimpik 1Malaysia

Official Newspaper           : Kosmo
Official TV station             : RTM
Official commentator        : Hasbullah Awang (NOOOoooo ala Luke Skywalker)
Official Camera                 : Cannon
Official Hidden Camera     : undecided (to be announced by CSL and Brader)
Official Blog                      : Planet of the Monyets

Athletes’ Support
Official Condominium Provider : NFC
Official Outriders              : Mat Rempits
Official Massage              : Volcano Massage
Official Sexual Services Provider : Club of Obedient Wives (COW)
Official Condom               : Condom 1Malaysia

Official Warm Up Routine   : Senam Buntut
Official Lubricant                : KY Jelly
Official Lubricant tester      : Saiful
Official Medicine                : Minyak Cap Kapak
Official Cleaner                  : BERSIH

Food and beverage
Official Noodles              : Maggi Mee
Official Burger                 : Ramly Burger and Amburger
Official Drink                   : Teh tarik
Official Energy Drink        : Kopi Tongkat Ali
Official fruit                      :Durian

Sports Equipment
Official Shoe Supplier      : Bata
Official Discus Supplier   : IWK (manhole cover)
Official Fencing Equipment Supplier : Jabatan Lanskap Negara
Official Water Supplier      : Syabas

Security and Policing
Official Moral Police        : undecided (tough competition between PAS Youth and JAKIM)
Official Security Force    : Nepali Guards

Official Subsider               : PETRONAS
Official Credit Card           : Ah Long Puchong
Official Bank                     : Ah Long Puchong
Official Bookmaker          : Sports Toto

Many other events and services await sponsors.

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