Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Alia al-Mahdi (mesir) berbogel untuk membantah undang-undang syariah di mesir - (Maaf, terpaksa publish walaupun 18SX)

Naked Femen Chicks & Naked Egyptian Activist Alia al-Mahdi Get Naked In Stockholm To Protest Egypt's Islamist Constitution

"Today in the snowbound Stockholm the world has seen apocalyptic picture. International women's movement FEMEN and antiislamist Egyptian activist Alia al-Mahdi have called to say NO to Sharia constitution in Egypt! Before the decisive day of the referendum in Egypt activists came to the Embassy of Egypt in Stockholm to support Egyptian heroes who are resisting the sharia-dictatorial draft of the constitution of the president Morsi. FEMEN calls people of Great Egypt to deny this religious bondage of newly appeared prophet Morsi and to give the chance for Egypt for the rightful democratic development."

Hmmm I've never seen "Coran" spelled that way before.

PS. I am bumping this post to keep it on the front page, it's been wildly popular with our Egyptian friends and has nearly 17,000 hits since Thursday. Their comments are appreciated;)

p/s: "shariah is not a constitution". inilah yang berlaku sekiranya dalam kepala perlembagaan negara lebih tinggi Al Quran. Kepada hosni mubarak yg tgh sakit tu, siap sedia dgn jawapan utk ditanya soalan kepada benih2 yg dicambah oleh anda ini.

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